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Max scripts: note these scripts are MacroScripts meaning that they are made to be added to the user interface (How to install MacroScripts link). This ZIP File contains all my public max script files.

PathMaker –  This script takes your selected polygons and does its best turn them into something that would look like a walk able path or road.  Best not to use with soft selection.

GoldenGuides – This script creates three different guides based on the Golden Ratio 1.618, Golden Ruler, Golden Rectangle, and Golden Spiral. The script also has tools for quickly scaling objects based on the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio is found in nature and is used in Art, Music, Architecture, etc… more golden ratio info link.

UVWXYZswap — This script swaps your UVWs with your 3d model.  This allows you to edit UVWs with all the “3d” tools (edit poly, modifiers, Space warps, etc.), and you can use the “Unwrap UVW” tools on your 3D model.  Very useful sometimes.  This tool was incorporated into the very popular TexTools.

ExportPrep — This is the second version, added a JEEWiz exporter which exports each object in your selection as if using export selected, using the object’s name as the exported file name.  Useful for exporting systems and entire scenes as individual objects.  Added option to break up export prep steps, and added an effect pivot mode button. The “Apply Above” button: resets the Xform, collapses the modifier stack, places the objects pivot, based on settings, (default xyz minimum extent of object), moves the object (default moves it to the origin), for every object in selection. Check List, button opens a file with were you can store exporting notes, and trouble shooting tips.

TransformUVWs – This tool allows you to precisely move rotate and scale UVWs. I have found it useful for putting multiple UVs on one layout, Using non-square textures and when working with uvs that overlap.

SelectionBoundingBoxMaker — Four Different MacroScripts in this.   Updated it so that they make simple Unreal collision ( UBX,USP, and UCX).  Descriptions: 1. Takes the selected mesh and converts it be a collision mesh.    2. Creates a sphere that mostly encompasses each selected mesh (sphere scaled down 3/8ths total volume)  For me this worked best for most destruction chunks.    3. Creates a box that fits each selected object.   4. Creates one box that encompasses every selected object.

Gridified — Rounds / Normalizes / Quantifies  — Your Option, Either Moves Selected objects to nearest specified grid point, or Moves all of the vertexes of a single editable mesh to closest grid value.

UnwrapAlignTools –This script is actually three in one, for use in Unwrap UVW modifier.  Align Selection Horizontally, Align Selection Vertically, and Collapse Selection to single point.  This functionality now comes in max, so the scripts are a little redundant.

CoordAxisPicker — A hot box for switching between different Coordinate Systems.   A little tool that I wrote for a friend.

Randerizer – Random transform tool, randomly Move Rotate Scale objects in your selection.  Not that original, this was one of my first scripts.

BackfaceOnOff — Simple script to toggle on and off Backface Culling.  Made when I had to work an a lot of interior levels and could not see into the spaces that I need to work on.

CenterPivot — Places the pivot at center of selected object.  Made for a friend who wanted this and who also wanted to see how a script was made.  Nothing fancy.

GroupOpen-Close — This script opens and closes groups.

MakeAllFacesPlaner – This script goes through and makes each face planer.  Made this to fix bad collision in Unreal, those hard to find convex poly errors… Won’t fix it every time but sometimes the script does.

PaintDefUpDown –  Four scripts for changing Paint Deformation settings, two increase/decrease the brush size by 20%, the other two increases/decreases the brush strength by 20%.

FallOffUpDown — Two scripts for changing falloff up and down, increases/decreases the falloff size by 20%.

SoftSelEdgeDisTog — This script toggles on and off your epoly soft selection edge distance, something that max did not let you bind to a hotkey.  Somebody wanted it and now he has it, and now so can you.

Again you can get all of my public max script files in this ZIP File, also scriptspot is place that you can download a bunch of these.

Photoshop Actions:

FixEdgesForAlpha — Two actions for making alpha with less haloing.  One blurs the original creating soft edges.  The second copies the base image and nudges it out on all four sides one pixel. Texture is one that I made for Guardians of Middle Earth.ProductsRapeljeActionAlpha

MipSharpenTools — These actions sharpen your MIPs for 2048, 1024, and 512 square textures.  There is also one that just sharpens the current selection.  Useful for adding extra pop to your MIPs in the distance.  Action uses smart filters so it is non destructive, and allows for easy fine tuning. Example image from some documentation I wrote for Gotham City Imposters, best viewed full size click to see.MattRapelje_MipSharpenTools


MountainBrushes – All but one (bottom right) are height maps that I extracted from USGS DEM maps.  Zip contains TGAs, and photoshop brushes .abr. Originally made for making terrain height maps in unreal 2.Portfolio_Matt_Rapelje_RW_MntRange

Example use from Zombie 2005.Portfolio_Matt_Rapelje_RW_MntRange2

Part of some light resources and references, I compiled for my artists back at Zombie.Light Colors

Again, if you like these tools, that is if they make you happy or make you money.  Please consider donating some legal tender, and I will keep putting my tools here for others to use.   Thanks!

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