Dirty Jobs, I have done that one.

My dad was a fish hatchery manager, which meant that I got to live along a bunch of cool rivers, but I would have to pitch in and help from time to time, feeding, spawning, tagging, cleaning out the ponds, among other things.  Flipping through the channels awhile ago I noticed a place that I had been before… Unfortunatly it was on an episode of Dirty Jobs, “Rocky Reach Dam” (season 5, episode 8).  About 29 minutes in Mike goes to a fish hatchery that my dad managed years ago.  I never tagged fish how they are doing now.  But I have been in those ponds.  I used a fire hose to spray the poo, goo, and dead fish out of those ponds, where I learned to breath through my nose rather than my mouth really quickly (think splash damage)!  Links to episode Netflix, YouTube.  Obviously not something I put on my resume but pretty cool to see that on the tube.

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